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Chris Messier

Chris Messier is local to the Western MA area.  He has been playing drums since the early age of three, trying to copy everything his brother did on the drums.  Performing in school bands since the fourth grade, he joined the South Hadley High School Marching Band in sixth grade, and played Bass Drum, Tenors, and Snare though his senior year.

While attending the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Chris joined the Minuteman Marching Band for one season, and participated in the UMASS Jazz Drum set group for two years. Privately, Chris has studied with Ed Dupont, Thomas Giampietro, and attended Thom Hannum’s Marching Tech Class for eight years.

Chris has many musical influences, including the bands Dream Theatre, Styx, Journey, Opeth, Gojira, Rush, Metallica, and Deep Purple, to name a few.  His percussion artist influences span generations and genres, from Anup Sastry to Dave Weckl, and Mike Portnoy to Neil Pert and Ringo Starr.

Chris believes that strong technique and great fundamentals are key to being a successful drummer and having a great time behind the kit!  He is hopeful that students will want to become a “complete” drummer; one that aspires to become proficient in genres outside their comfort zone.  He endeavors to balance his student’s goals and interests with the pace and structure they need for long-term success. His ultimate goal is that students will enjoy the process and want to practice – not feel like they have to practice.

Most embarrassing musical moment? Headed to Allentown, PA for an annual marching band competition – his last performance in High School – the bus needed to leave at 4:00AM, and Chris almost missed it!

A father-to-be with a Twitch stream and YouTube presence, Chris enjoys living in Western MA and enjoys work as an IT guy, enjoys video games, and looks forward to performing live music.

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