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Girellis Centeno

Repair Technician

Born in Massachusetts, and raised in New Hampshire, Girellis Centeno has been repairing instruments at Gerry’s Music Shop since 2017. Joining the band as a trumpet player in the 5th grade, she has been around brass instruments for much of her life. She settled on the French horn in the 6th grade and played that into her college years at the University of New Hampshire.

At UNH, Girellis pursued and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology – Outdoor Education, and after spending 10 years in the field, decided that teaching was not for her. Turning back to her instrumental music experience, she enrolled in Western Iowa Technical College and received an associate degree in Band Instrument Repair, where she specialized in Brass Instruments.

Even though she has only been a part of the Gerry’s Team for 4 years, Girellis has established herself as a true artist when it comes to brass instrument repair. She enjoys our Brass Wall in the Wind Showroom here at the Shop, and loves that she gets to work on instruments and help customers every day. Her most embarrassing musical moment – that trumpet solo in the Middle School Jazz Band – she’d love another crack at that one. In addition to the trumpet and French horn, Girellis taught herself how to play the trombone, guitar, and ukulele, and has, on occasion, been known to juggle in her free time.

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