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Jason Huang

Jason Huang is currently pursuing a degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is currently studying Piano with Steinway artist Giles Vonsattel, and Flute with Wm S. Haynes artist Cobus Du Toit.

Growing up in Lincoln, Rhode Island, Jason became inspired by his first music teacher at the age of 6 – his mother. Throughout his elementary, middle, and high school career, Jason was surrounded by educators that helped him grow as a musician and encouraged his love of music and education. Elementary Music Teacher Karen Robinson, Middle School Band Directors Thomas Casale and Melissa Ricci, High School Choral Director Brandon Lahoud, and High School Band Director David Enos – all had a profound influence on Jason and helped to guide him on his journey to become a music educator. Other notable musical influences include concert pianist Tiffany Poon, flautists Emmanuel Pahud and Jasmine Choi, and Brett and Eddy from TwoSet Violin.

Jason’s teaching philosophy is rooted in having passion towards one’s goal, and that consistent and intelligent work will lead to ultimate success and growth. He says, “I bring all the enthusiasm I can to my lessons in the hopes that my students will also grow in their love for music and their craft. During our lessons, I not only teach musical concepts, but I also stress the importance of applying these concepts into daily practice. After all, passion can only take us so far – consistent and intelligent practice is required for success and rapid development.”

Jason has had the honor of performing with a number of accomplished musicians, including Matthew Ricard, clarinetist for the United States 198th Army Band; Yiru Li, clarinetist for the United States 88th Army Band; and Enoch Hsiao, pianist, accepted to the Aspen Music Festival 2020 and winner of the Butler Symphony Orchestra’s 2018 Young Artist Competition.

Jason enjoys the atmosphere at Gerry’s Music Shop, the kindness of the owner, Jim Provost, and his wife Mandy, as well as the warm and knowledgeable staff.

When asked to recount a particularly embarrassing musical moment, Jason recalls a time when he needed to ask a student’s name three times: once when he first met her, and then twice as the student raised her hand to answer questions. He simply could not remember this student’s name. Needless to say, Jason remembers her name now.

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