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Vincent Naro

Brass Instruments

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Vin Naro grew up on Long Island, NY.  He attended college in Charleston, West Virginia, and came to New England in 1969.  He holds degrees in Music Education, School Administration (Elementary and Secondary) and Elementary Education grades one through six.

For 34 years, Vin Naro was an Instrumental Music Educator in Granby MA.  He currently serves as a substitute teacher in Westfield MA where he now lives.  Specializing in the trumpet, Vin also gives lessons on the trombone and baritone horn.  As a music educator, he has been trained to play all brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.  As a member of Local 171 of American Federation of Musicians, he performs with the American Legion and Pioneer Valley union-sponsored concert bands and a number of community groups in the area.

For Vin, the best part of his job, both privately and in the public schools, is that he enjoys working with students of all ages and helping them to achieve their goals.  At Gerry’s Music, his favorite department is definitely the Wall of Trumpets! He recalls one moment from his past that brings everything into focus – he was conducting an adult group at Stanley Park in a performance of Stars and Stripes Forever.  At the end of the piece, there is a final note common in many marches called the “stinger.”  Vin failed to conduct that note, but the band played it anyway.  Everyone had a good  laugh, and Vin smiled, too.

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