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History and Philosophy

Gerry’s Music has Western New England’s most complete and extensive repair shop. Dedicated to developing musicians, Gerry’s Music Shop prides itself in its repair shop and the services it offers. Combined, our repair technicians have over 60 years of experience working with musicians of all ages and abilities, from the student to the professional.

While we continue to seek out new ways and techniques to repair instruments, we try to continue the integrity of old traditions to keep instruments in their best playable condition.

With four full time repair technicians in-house, all of our technicians understand the importance of a “quick” turnaround on repairs. Together, they work hard to guarantee that repair work is completed within 6 days.

What we fix

Gerry’s Music Shop has the most complete repair shop specializing in both brass and woodwind instrument repair. We are set up to do the simplest adjustments, pad replacement and straightening of keys to the most extensive overhauls, dent removal and body alignment.

We pride ourselves in our work, so much in fact, that we warrantee our repair work for thirty days and any overhauls that we complete for 6 months. Due to EPA and OSHA regulations, we do not re-plate or re-lacquer any instruments in house, however we do send them out to certified repair facilities.

We fix brass and woodwind instruments of all makes and models from the student to the professional. However, our staff has both become increasingly concerned about the recent influx of inexpensive, poorly made musical instruments into the market. These instruments, while affordable, are so poorly constructed that they do not “hold” their repair or adjustments. As a result, there are some inferior products that we choose not to repair because we cannot guarantee the work that we attempt.

Repair Technicians

Carl IppolitoRepair Technician

Repair and Pricing Policies

Most repair work is completed within 6 days of having it come into our shop. At times, we are able to complete some of the simplest repairs within 24 hours. Understanding that many musicians need their instruments in hand, many find it convenient and helpful to schedule an appointment for their horn to be worked on. In this case, the work is guaranteed to be complete within 24 hours.

Repair costs are dictated by the work required to put them into playing condition. Most often when repairs come into our store, our tech’s perform a diagnostic on the instrument and provide the customer with an estimated cost and completion date. If our sales representative has picked your instrument up at one on the schools that we service, (please remember to call us first to make these arrangements), We will call you to arrange for payment before delivering your instrument back to your student’s school.

The repair technicians are in the shop from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9am to 3pm.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-724-7402 OR 1-413-534-7402.

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