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My student is no longer going to use a rented instrument. How do I return it?

If your student is no longer going to be playing our rental instrument, you can return it directly to our store and our friendly sales staff can assist you right over the counter.

If getting to our store is difficult, you can CALL THE STORE at

413-534-7402   or   800-724-7402 

or follow THIS LINK to set up a return through our website.  If you choose to use our website, we will call you back to confirm.

Whichever method you choose, have your most recent bill handy so we can confirm your account.  Our Educational Representatives visit our schools EVERY WEEK, and we will let you know when and where to leave it.

When will my initial rental payment be processed?

During the summer, we receive rental requests that are needed immediately for summer band camps or other programs. We also receive requests for rentals that are not needed until September. If you rent from us over the summer, you will receive a phone call asking if you need the instrument immediately, or for the fall beginner band program at your school. Either way, your payment will be processed when you submit the online contract.  If you need the instrument immediately, we will fill the order and deliver your instrument to the main office of your student’s school. If you do not need the instrument immediately, we will deliver it in time for the students’ first lesson in September. All of the instruments for a particular school are delivered together and distributed by the band teacher at or before the first lesson.

My student rented an instrument, but wants to play something else. What do I do now?

Our rental program includes a Full Equity Exchange option.

This means that if you decide to exchange to another instrument in the same rental program (from flute to alto sax, for example – this exchange equity option DOES NOT transfer between band and string instruments, and vice versa) 75- 100% of your rental equity will be applied to the new instrument. All we ask is that you TALK TO  YOUR STUDENT’S BAND TEACHER before calling us to request the exchange. The teacher will want to know that your student wants to switch, and may have some advice for them. Once the teacher has approved the exchange (also ask them if there will be anything else the student needs, such as a new  Method Book) give us a call or email us here. We will tell you when and where to leave your current instrument, so that one of our Educational Representatives can make the exchange on one of their weekly school visits.  PLEASE NOTE: If you are exchange into a higher category – from Flute to Alto Sax, for example – you may owe the balance on the rental fee for the new category.

What happens if my rental instrument needs repair?

If you, your student, or your student’s teacher notice that the instrument is not playing well, or something just isn’t right, email or call the Shop (413) 534-7402 or 1-800-724-7402.

We have Educational Representatives that visit all of the schools that we service on a consistent, weekly basis.  We will tell you when and where to leave the instrument, and provided that your rental account is current, we can deliver a loaner for the student to use while their instrument is being repaired.  All of this is included in your rental, so there are no additional fees.  Keep in mind – the maintenance coverage included with your rental covers the instrument itself, the case, strings, and mouthpieces (where applicable.) Consumable items such as reeds, drumsticks, and swabs will wear out over time and need to be replaced.

When will my instrument be delivered?

We have Educational Representatives visiting over 250 schools weekly across 50 school districts in 2 states! They visit the schools at the same time each week, and will be making deliveries beginning the last week of August.  If you rented your instrument online or mailed your contract to us over the summer, we will make sure to have your instrument delivered to your student’s school before their first lesson, unless directed to deliver the instrument on a specific day by your teacher.  If it is during the school year, we will deliver your order on the day our Representative visits your school.

Do I need anything other than the instrument?

Most teachers have a list of recommended accessories – Music Stands and Care Kits are always highly recommended!  Most teachers also require a method book of some kind.  If you rent online with Gerry’s Music, you will see Method Book as an option to add to your rental (in addition to some of the recommended supplies listed above). Simply add the method book to your cart, and we will deliver the correct book with your instrument! If you just need a book or other supplies, stop over to our online Shop (make sure you know the title of the book), or come into our store, and we will make sure you have everything you need!

How do I rent my instrument?

With Gerry’s Music Shop, you have 3 EASY ways to rent your instrument.

1.  Rent ONLINE! Make sure to fill out all fields completely, and we will deliver the instrument to your child’s school on our next weekly visit.

2.  Read the Rental information that was sent home by your student’s music teacher,  fill out the  attached Rental Agreement, mail it to us (making sure to fill out every field completely, sign the contract, and include payment), and we will deliver the instrument and any additional items directly to your student’s school.  If you need help filling out the Rental Agreement, give us a call!

3.  Come to see us at our store! All of the instruments we rent are in stock and ready to go! If you are unsure if we work with your school, check the list of schools we work with here.  Or, give us a call! We are always ready to help! (413) 534-7402

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