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Barbara Yates


Barbara Yates was born and raised in South Hadley, MA. She studied piano from age eight until she was nineteen years old under Bill Harry, who maintained a large piano and accordion studio for many years. Barbara worked from age twelve until age twenty as a studio pianist for a dancing school. In addition, she played for dance recitals for the Moquin School of Dance. From 1960 to the late 1980s Barbara worked either as part of a trio or as a solo act, performing at weddings and private parties.

With so many years of experience, Barbara is a wonderful addition to the teaching staff here at Gerry’s. She enjoys working here because the atmosphere of the studios is very welcoming. Gerry’s is very accessible to students of all ages and levels of experience, there is always new music available, and she is free to use her own teaching methods and philosophies. For Barbara, these include getting all of her students, both adults and children, to play as many songs as possible. She teaches her students to read music, and to learn how to create specific chords. Barbara has been a piano teacher for nineteen years, and she loves helping her students learn to make music.

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