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Ed Dupont

Ed Dupont has been playing drums for 41 years. He started at nine years old, and took his first lessons at Gerry’s Music Shop in 1979 under John Beeger (a Western MA jazz musician). He studied with John for four years. In 1983, he continued drum lessons with Ronnie Hurst (current drummer for Steppenwolf) for another four years. He began playing venues at the age of thirteen with the band Barbed Wyre, gaining performance experience, and never looked back. He has been playing and performing ever since. Currenty, Ed is the band leader for Aquanett, an 80’s tribute band. He gained some experience in marching and concert bands while in High School.

In the 1990s, Ed started studying with Richie Lepore (Los Angelas studio musician who had performed with Bette Midler, Ray Charles, and Elvis Presley). During the ten years Ed studied with Richie, he was also employed at a non-profit agency that specialized in helping people of all ages, with various disabilities, acquire the skills necessary to function and succeed in everyday life. This allowed Ed to gain experience n helping and teaching students of all ages and abilities. He started as a drum teacher in 1995.

Ed’s musical influences span decades and each across genres. Dave Matthews Band, Queensryche, Brian Setzer, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Tower of Power, R. Carlos Nakai, Extreme, Alice and Chains, Carter Beauford, Scott Rockenfield, Bernie Dresel, Steve Smith, Joe Morello, Kurt Sodergren, and Steve Gadd, to name a few.

He enjoys teaching at Gerry’s Music Shop because “they are a family owned business, they care about their employees and customers, making them easily approachable with any questions or concerns that may arise. The staff are extremely friendly, and are very helpful.”

One of Ed’s most embarrassing moments came while performing with Aquanett. A gentleman in the audience asked if the band could play a particular song, and if he could sit in on the drums. Ed agreed. They discussed the song – the band even knew the tune. When the time came, the gentlemen counted the band off, and it was immediately apparent to Ed, the rest of the band, and the audience, that the gentlemen didn’t know the song or how to play the drums.

An avid Star Wars collector and fan, Ed resides in Chicopee with his daughter.

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