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Ethan Cogswell

Trumpet & Trombone

Ethan Cogswell has been studying music since he was 10 years old. He studied trumpet at the University of Massachusetts under Steve Felix and Eric Berlin. His love of music was sparked young by his father playing guitar. He takes inspiration from trumpet soloists Selina Ott, Garret Savluk, as well as the world around him. Ethan plays and teaches many genres of music from classical orchestral to jazz and pop.

Ethan’s teaching philosophy is rooted in artistic expression. Ethan believes in giving people the tools they need to communicate and express themselves through music. He takes pride in going above and beyond with his students so they get the most out of music. Ethan teaches a wide range of instruments that he has mastered over the years: from trumpet, trombone, and other brass instruments, as well as piano, bass guitar and even mandolin! Ethan enjoys teaching at Gerry’s Music Shop because of the large variety of students who come into the store who all share the same love of music.

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