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Robby Roiter


Originally from New York City, Robby Roiter has been based in the Pioneer Valley since 1987.  He studied piano as a child, and began playing the guitar when he was a teenager.  He has studied with Yusef Lateef, Eugene Uman, Helmut Kagerer, Peter Bernstein, and Jack Wilkins.  These days he is mostly interested in Jazz, and his musical influences include Wes Montgomery and John Coltrane.  For years he was interested in classic rock, the Beatles, and the acoustic fingerpicking style of Paul Simon.

His teaching philosophy focuses on the encouragement of students at all levels by creating a supportive, fun environment while utilizing a blend of musical foundations and techniques in his curriculum.  He wants students to grow and learn with strong, basic musical foundations while playing songs that are interesting to them.

Robby’s favorite aspect of teaching at Gerry’s Music is the opportunity to work with wonderful students in a friendly, professional environment.  He has performed or recorded with a number of groups and individuals including the Robby Roiter Trio, Ken LaRoche, Charles Nelville, and Jessica Freedman.  When asked about his most embarrassing moment in music, Robby remembers a show at the Pines Theatre when he hit a power chord when he was supposed to be silent.

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