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Sean Maclure


Sean Maclure is a Gerry’s Music Shop legacy! He began his music journey as a kid with lessons here with Ed Dupont. He went on to play first tenor in his high school marching band drumline. He has played in multiple bands, including Radical Joy and Never Forget Pluto. Taking inspiration from Modern rock drummers including Joyce Manor, Dave Grohl, Shawn Costa and Chris Villeneuve, Sean brings energy and immense passion to the drum set.

Growing up in Western Massachusetts, Sean often turned to Gerry’s for equipment and musical knowledge. He wants to give back to the local music community by teaching the next generation of musicians and improving their experience at Gerry’s Music Shop. One of Sean’s most embarrassing moments happened while performing with the Chicopee Comp Drum Ensemble; he forgot to turn his snare on until it was his turn to play. Taking the time to turn the snare back on created a moment of awkward drum silence. Later on in that same performance was his first ever drum solo, which he completely forgot seconds before it started, and was forced to improvise a solo while nervous in the spotlight. Sean didn’t let this strip him of his love of drumming, but he still can’t bear to watch the recording of the solo.

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