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Music Education Advocacy

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Is music education for your family important in schools? Speak up.

Music Education Improves All Learning

Did you know that millions of children do not have access to music education in schools? This is despite the research that states children have increased attendance when they have instrumental music class. This is despite the increased test scores for students who have music education. This is despite graduation rates that are higher for students involved in music programs. If you are shocked and amazed, you can have your voice heard.

The National Association for Music Education is the education institution that connects and supports music educators across the country to the standards for classrooms and public policy for funding of programs. With groups like the Grammy Music Education Coalition and Country Music Association standing behind the advocacy, you can be sure that it is important work that will be heard.


Every year they gather supporters and head to Washington DC to represent every state and lobby for continued music education. It is difficult to support the arts in classrooms without the federal support of money for states to continue programs.

Parents and guardians CAN do something about giving a voice to students who want and need music in schools- not after-school or extracurricular- but real music experiences led by professional educators for ALL children. The time to reach out is now.

NAfME created this PDF for you to help in understanding the How and What for reaching out to the folks who need to know that funding these programs matters to the public.

Here is another place to learn more about the importance of music education:

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